This Week with the Riverboat Postman

Phew! What a season!

What a busy summer we have had, and autumn is proving to be just as good! The weather has (mostly) been very kind to us and our passengers, and Brooklyn has been buzzing with the sheer numbers of visitors coming through. My little mobile office is proving to be a great success - I can change my scenery whenever I feel like it - and I'm loving the days when the locals don't order quite so many cases of wine online...
Don't forget to check out the fascinating shop on the marina here called 'River Dreams' before you leave town, and also the brilliant little gallery and coffee shop called 'Hang' up on Brooklyn Rd.

A hint of spring already??

It's certainly been warmer these past few days here on the river! The wattles are starting to flower, so the banks are showing yellow and smelling sweet. And with school camps in full swing, Milson Island is surrounded every day by laughing, exhausted kids in canoes - a slight navigational hazard for the Postman!

The Riverboat Postman goes worldwide...

We've had visitors from all over the place this week - Germany, Lithuania, the UK, South America, and of course some friends from 'across the ditch' (Justin managed not to make too many sheep jokes...). Deliveries have all been by water taxi, so our passengers are getting a truly personalised tour of the river!

The Diamond Python at Bar Point

A passenger has just sent through some great photos - here's proof of that Diamond Python in box 26! I'll post an updated pic of the box soon - the python has totally trashed it!

The Riverboat Postman in May

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday have been huge days for us this week - lots of yummy lunches and happy customers! The local wildlife have not made their presence felt so far, although the dogs are now meeting us on the wharves (they recognise the sound of good ANZAC biscuits - twin diesel engines...)

ANZAC week

The river dogs have had a month now to get used to the taste of our ANZAC biscuits - tried Smackos yesterday, thinking it would be better for their waistlines, and none of them would have a bar of it! Luckily our passengers had left a few crumbs, although it meant my fingers were getting pretty close to some sharp teeth...
Continuing with the wildlife theme, Monday's delivery to Bar Point just about gave me a heart attack - the resident python in box 26 made a hissing appearance and really made me jump! I was carrying someone's camera to take a shot of all the mailboxes, so was able to take a pic of it to PROVE it! He usually hangs out in the soft plushness of the overflowing #44, so I wasn't expecting to see him up so close and personal. I got Gary to take up the bag on Tuesday...
We've had mixed weather over the last few cruises, but thankyou to our bumper crowds - you're giving us a good workout! Hope you're all spreading the word that we're up and running.

Our first 5-day week with the Postman run!

Winter has definitely arrived on the river, with early morning fog clearing to cold sunny days...This is our first week without a public holiday, and Australia Post are bringing us some new mailbags on Friday. Haven't dropped anything in the river yet...Hopefully the new mailbags are a little less 'holey' than the old ones!

Riverboat Postman - Easter week

This week we cruise from Tuesday to Friday - Tuesday is booked out already, but there are still spaces available on the other three days. Be sure to book ahead for this great school holiday outing!
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